Libra Season 2020

Mastery of Karma & Spirituality

Message from Harriette


Ruled by Venus, Libra season is typically all about balance, but this season I want to focus on a very specific kind of balance… your karmic balance.

Spoiling you with yet another brand new and exclusive training just for the School of Mastery in which I dive deep into what karma actually is, what it means, how to work out what your specific karma is and what to do to “pay it off”.

Those of you with a strong Libra influence in your chart can be very self critical and fear being alone with yourself to listen to this karmic work assigned to you this season.

If you find that this is you, be extra vigilant of self-sabotaging behaviour such as Netflix binges to distract you from listening to your higher self.

You don’t need any one to validate you, and you’re OK on your own 🙂

Venus governs the energy of expectation, both the expectations we put on ourselves and the expectations we put on others.

Notice as you go through this season’s trainings how your karmic ‘flags’ show up in your expectations of yourself and of others, and make a conscious effort to alchemise these expectations into ones that serve the greatest highest good, but also aid to enhance and evolve your karmic challenges into karmic strengths.

Use the crown chakra meditation this season to open yourself up to your Higher Self, spirit team, and guides, all of whom played a part in designing your SDB (refer to the new training to understand what I’m on about).

Quieten your mind, hold your tongue, and allow your charged emotions to slip into a state of neutrality before responding to experiences that crop up in your life this season.

Remember to note down your red flags for your specific karma so you don’t continue to play out your karmic cycle by falling into karmic behaviour.

Here’s a little check list of red flag behaviour for each number in addition to what is described in the training:

Affirmation for Libra Season

I embrace my Karmic Debt.

I witness my karmic behaviour with compassion.

I trust the wisdom of my own life path design.

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Commit to meditating alongside the Father Sky Meditation every day this season. Cross off each day you meditate using the season calendar and share within the facebook group at the end of the Libra season.

Libra season Ask Harriette Trainings

Paying Off your Karmic Debt

Libra season Guest training from Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Karma, Spirituality and You

Wednesday 14th October 4PM UK

“My life is ‘bookmarked’ by peak experiences; each one shaping its trajectory. As I followed the path forged by these awakenings, I have increasingly felt more certain and “in the flow”. Eventually, I learned to drop my old patterns, to embrace a completely new perspective for living.”

Find out more about Sivaroshan here

Libra season crystal guidance


Okenite has a soft and furry energy and is one of the stones of the New Age. People usually want to stroke it but this mats the fibers together or breaks them. Okenite links to the higher self and supports the conscious manifestation of its energies on the earth plane. Okenite clears obstacles from your path and promotes the stamina to finish your life tasks.


This crystal helps you to come to terms with being in incarnation and brings your attention to the reasons for your current experiences. It pinpoints karmic debts and opportunities that help you to grow. Assisting in understanding how the karmic past has produced the present, and how the present will create the future, Okenite facilitates deep karmic healing on all levels. 


Okenite can be used to prepare for channeling. It purifies the chakras and the physical and subtle bodies, uniting their energies. 


This crystal has a dual action. A stone of truth, it instills truthfulness in yourself and others, and protects from the harshness that can arise when others speak their truth. It helps you to accept with love the verbal jibes of other people, showing whether there is any truth there to be accepted. 


Psychologically, Okenite brings deep self-forgiveness. It promotes completion of karmic cycles, going back into past lives to forgive yourself for your mistakes and easing karmic guilt. This is a stone of karmic grace. It teaches that everything is part of the cycle of learning the soul’s lessons, and growing from that knowledge, that nothing has to be endured forever. When you have done all you can, you can step out of a situation without incurring further karmic debt. 


Mentally, Okenite facilitates in changing your mental set. It releases old patterns and brings in new, more appropriate beliefs. It is helpful for anyone suffering prudishness, especially where this is linked to past-life vows of chastity. 




Okenite encourages the flow of blood and milk, a boon for nursing mothers, and stimulates the circulation in the upper body. It lowers fevers and relieves nervous disorders.  As an elixir, it treats skin eruptions.



As Appropriate 

The crystal of the season is Okenite which has proved notoriously difficult for us to find from wholesalers in order to stock in our crystal store, so instead we have included a link for you to find via the Etsy Store:
Taken from The Crystal Bible – A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall

Libra season Q&As & Hotspot

Q&As are an opportunity for you to ask all your Spiritual, Science and Strategy questions to our Ask Harriette certified coach Mia.

Hotspot sessions is your chance to have a lightning round of a group coaching session with Mia. Like the Q&A this session doesn’t need to be related in any way shape or form to the Season but is a great chance to delve deeper into your life and get the answers and hidden meanings you’ve been waiting for.

This month as a little *BONUS* we will have a Tag Team Hotspot with both Mia and Harriette, you don’t want to miss out on this!

Questions are not restricted to this seasons topic – you can ask us about anything at all.

If you can’t make either the Q&A or Hotspot use the box below to send them before the calls.

This season Q&A and Hotspot will be:

Q&A: Wednesday 7th October 11:30AM UK

Hotspot Tag Team Coaching: Thursday 8th October 12:00PM UK

Hotspot: Thursday 15th October 4:00PM UK

The replays of the calls will be added here if you can’t join the live call.

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