Scorpio Season 2020

Mastery of Ego Death

Message from Harriette


A reminder from this time last year, Scorpio Season 2019 which birthed the magnificent creation which is The School of Mastery:

Scorpio season is ruled by the planet of Pluto which is very much associated with Power – our own power, and our relationship with power. We are moving into a season of transformation; birth, death, and rebirth; a cycle which when mastered is utterly life-changing.

When we harness the power of this season we become transformative, seductive and influential. BUT, misunderstood or misguided, we can end up power-hungry, manipulative, and controlling. As you are probably aware already, negative emotions don’t vie well in the current climate on Planet Earth, so the emission of negative frequencies attracts nothing much less than a bitch slap from Mama Universe.

In order to Master Power & Transformation we must be forced to strip away our egos and rebuild. This requires humility in order to eradicate the ego, or at the very least, create space where ego can co-exist alongside the Soul, allowing Soul to take the reins. And thus we begin the transformation.

A year on and I’ll bet you’re a completely different person to who you were last year, right?!

It’s time to take you to your next level. Last year we held space for your ego. This year you’ll experience a complete ego DEATH.

The cosmic shifts of 2020 have been gearing us up for these final transitions as we leave behind all we once new and step boldly into a new world.

There is more darkness to come, and it’s imperative that we all lean into our radiant light with even more strength, vulnerability, and surrender.

I’m here to guide you through this process.

In celebration of our first birthday, please join us live on Wednesday 28th October at 5pm UK time for a messy, beautiful, pivotal and transformation EGO-DEATH experience.

This will be an open class for all to enjoy so please feel free to invite your friends and family into our home for this celebration.

This season we will learn to handle power, real power, the power that has the capacity to make real lasting change. We must be willing to go as far into the shadowy depths as we do the the glistening Light. Spirituality isn’t all love and light, we know this… we must be willing to wrestle with our egos, walk boldly into the fire of our fears, and re-birth ourselves into our creations… REPEATEDLY.

We are cyclical beings. There isn’t an end point… instead, there’s constant evolution, and an energy of YOUness which is unstoppable.

Strong Scorpio energy has the power to transform lives… it is the energy that smashes paradigms to pieces and rebuilds something completely new in its place. Change is the vibe. Big, powerful, sometimes terrifying, but very necessary Change.

When leveraged and embodied, the Scorpio energy has almost x-ray vision. Mia and myself will be using this energy in this seasons hot-spot coaching call on Thursday 5th November. Volunteers beware and prepare… we will hold no prisoners, but we will guarantee transformational change and an ego death of massive proportions.

My intention for you this season is to step into the next inspired and empowered. If you’re ready for even M.O.R.E. epic transformation, for yourself, and for those you serve, make sure you enrol before doors close at the end of the month.

Here’s to your next level rebirth.

My love always


Key dates for the season:

Oct. 24th: Venus & Saturn transit

Oct. 25th: Mercury Sun Conjunct

Oct. 27th: Venus moves into Libra

Oct. 31st: Full Moon in Taurus

Nov. 3rd: Mercury goes direct (woohoo!)

Nov. 9th: Venus opposite Mars

Nov. 10th: Mercury moves into Scorpio

Nov. 12th: Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (for the last time ever in our lifetimes… unless you get REALLY old!)

Nov. 13th: Mars goes direct (woohoo!)

Affirmation for Scorpio Season

I face the fire of my fears.

I embrace the messiness of death.

I choose to rebith myself into my own creation.

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Commit to meditating alongside the Ego Death Meditation every day this season. Cross off each day you meditate using the season calendar and share within the facebook group at the end of the Scorpio season.

Scorpio season Ask Harriette Trainings

Your Ego-Death

Join us live on Zoom on Wednesday 28th October 5pm UK time

Scorpio season Guest training from Nikki White, Priestess of Secrets

You & Your Ego Death

13th November @ 6PM UK

Find out more about Nikki here

Scorpio season crystal guidance


Activating metaphysical powers and inter-dimensional exploration, Ammolite is particularly effective when placed on the soma chakra and third-eye. Representing coming full circle and knowing a place for the first time, it has the soul’s path encoded within it and is a useful support for rebirthing. Spiritually, this stone takes you deep into your centre and into completion. Activating personal empowerment and the spiritual will, Ammolite converts negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral. A powerful karmic cleanser, placed on the third eye this stone releases mental obsessions and past-life soul imperatives.

Psychologically, Ammolite stimulates survival instincts and the knowledge that you will get there if you persevere. Physically, Ammolite is excellent or anything that needs structure and clarity, relieving birth trauma that interfere with craniosacral flow, and is helpful in all craniosacral work. Environmentally, this is an effective earth-healing stone.

Feng Shui masters call Ammolite the Seven Colour Prosperity Stone. They believe Ammolite stimulates the flow of qi, life-force, through the body. According to them, this stone is exceedingly fortunate and they suggest keeping on in your home to bring health, wealth, vitality and happiness; and in business premises to promote beneficial business dealings. When worn, the stone is said to impart charisma and sensors beauty to the wearer.


Helpful for overall well-being and longevity, cell metabolism, depression, labour pains osteomyelitis, ostitis and tinnitus; awakening kundalini energy and cellular memory; stabilising the pulse and overcoming degenerative disorders. It supports the cranium and inner ear, lungs and limbs.


Hod, grid, or place as appropriate.


Red represents growth and energy; orange stands for creativity and increased libido; green represents wisdom, intellect and entrepreneurship; yellow is associate with wealth; blue represents peace and health.

Taken from The Crystal Bible – A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall

Scorpio season Q&As & Hotspot

Q&As are an opportunity for you to ask all your Spiritual, Science and Strategy questions to our Ask Harriette certified coach Mia.

Hotspot sessions is your chance to have a lightning round of a group coaching session with Mia. Like the Q&A this session doesn’t need to be related in any way shape or form to the Season but is a great chance to delve deeper into your life and get the answers and hidden meanings you’ve been waiting for.

This month as a little *BONUS* we will have a Tag Team Hotspot with both Mia and Harriette, you don’t want to miss out on this!

Questions are not restricted to this seasons topic – you can ask us about anything at all.

If you can’t make either the Q&A or Hotspot use the box below to send them before the calls.

This season Q&A and Hotspot will be:

Q&A: Wednesday 4th November 2PM UK

Hotspot Tag Team Coaching: Thursday 5th November 12PM UK

Hotspot: Wednesday 18th November 10AM UK


Bonus School of Mastery Birthday call with Harriette and Mia: Wednesday 28th October 5PM UK

The replays of the calls will be added here if you can’t join the live call.

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