Welcome to the school of mastery!

 First things first, let’s celebrate you! Download your “I’ve Joined the School of Mastery” social media story and tag me; @ask_harriette so I can send you a personal thank you for making this investment in yourself! So so so proud of you!

Secondly… you will shortly be receiving your login details via email. These can take up to ten minutes to arrive.

You have immediate access to The Library, and the live call schedule can be added to your personal calendar at the click of a button. 

If you don’t receive your login details within the next 10 minutes, please whizz an email over to support@askharriette.co.uk and we will get you set up. Please check your spam folder too, especially if you’re new to me, as your inbox might not have received the memo that you’re ready to become the Master of your own life!

Here’s to your epic success babe, let’s do the damn thing!

Love always

Harriette x